Camilo Mendieta
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Senior Product Manager

• Managed a Voicebot (AI) production release process using Scrum methodology for clients in California and Texas.
• Defined short and medium-term product roadmaps based on backlog prioritization and user story definition.
• Planned and tracked the delivery of improvements using Kanban and Scrum methodologies to meet project time constraints.

• Directed the release and prioritization of requirements, delivering more than 50 improvements in 3 months, achieving a call containment rate above 73% and call accuracy above 95%.
• Successfully launched the Voicebot (AI) to more than 10 dealerships in California and Texas, collaborating with development, UX design, QA, and product teams.

Agile Product Manager

• Defined backlog for teams and companies’ transformation journey, using agile methodologies like Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Agile, Lean, Scrum, and OKRs.
• Developed the consultancy strategy for implementing agile methodologies in operational and functional processes for various companies and teams.
• Conducted workshops and knowledge routes on agile methodologies, both virtually and in person.

• Delivered and implemented over 100 agile methodology workshops for companies and teams, achieving a 20% increase in the operational team’s productivity for Client IT&T.
• Led the largest agile workshop with 20 cells (Spotify’s agile scaling model) and 200 participants for Gecolsa/SOE365, resulting in business prototypes for each cell.

Product Data Manager

• Collected, structured, and cleaned data to feed the chatbot system, working with a distributed team in Colombia and Central America.
• Ensured data validation and feeding into a structured database for accurate and reliable responses.
• Conducted more than 25 experiments to optimize chatbot performance and identify opportunities for improving the user experience. Achievements:
• Enhanced user experience with accurate and relevant responses based on updated data, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Product Manager

• Managed the complete product lifecycle (introduction, growth, and maturity) within budget and deadline constraints.
• Led cross-functional teams (Development, QA, Marketing, DevOps, Sales) to execute the delivery strategy.
• Conducted experimentation, requirement gathering, and product strategy definition.

• Utilized Design Thinking, Design Sprint, OOUX, prototyping, and Product Analytics to define the correct problem and create a value proposition aligned with the target market.
• Validated the problem through continuous experimentation, defining TAM/SAM/SOM, ROI, target user, business model, and monetization model.
• Successfully led the development process with distributed teams in NodeJS, React, AWS, and Metaheuristic/Statistical optimization models.

Senior Product Manager

• Successfully cleaned more than 60,000 business records in different regions.
• Pivoted the chatbot towards a B2B2C business model, delivering even more value to users and small to medium-sized businesses.

Mobile Suitcase. Panamá June 2017 – Nov 2019 Senior Product Manager
• Led resource management, roadmap, and strategy to drive growth in key markets, expanding to several countries in Central America and Colombia/Peru.
• Developed customer-centric strategies and led teams toward common objectives.
• Transitioned from custom development to a B2B SaaS model to ensure long-term success.

• Acquired more than 3,000 customers in the region and implemented the SaaS B2B model for exponential growth.
• Defined a solid product strategy, attracting over 3,000 customers and consolidating our position as industry leaders.

Product Manager

• Standardization and market growth: I successfully implemented software standardization for 1000 active customers, achieving a churn rate of 10%. This allowed for greater stability and scalability of the product, ensuring its long-term success.
• Operational efficiency and customer experience: I redefined internal processes based on Scrum and Kanban, which significantly improved operational efficiency and the quality of the delivered product. In addition, we expanded the service area to focus on customer experience, which increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics,

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