Giga Sesitashvili
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Novice (1/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Data retrieval Distribution planning Listening Market analysis Metrics definition Negotiation Relationship building User journey and personas User research Writing and presentation Build vs buy vs partner Growth experiments
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• Provided nearly 400 minutes of targeted mentoring to individuals across three different countries, assisting them in navigating career challenges and opportunities in the field of product management
• Conducted 1:1 mentorship sessions covering a diverse range of topics including Data Analytics, Agile Methodologies, Career Advancement, Go-to-Market Strategies, Product Strategy, Breaking into the Tech Industry, and Product Planning & Roadmapping

Senior Product Manager

• Introduced OKRs and led workshops to create an aligned company’s product strategy, boosting cross-departmental collaboration by 33% in one quarter.
• Managed the rapid development and launch of a B2B product in just 2.5 months using agile methodologies, leading to a 2.03% increase in company share value.
• Created an eficient process of product planning and roadmapping for global markets to accelerate our product management strategy, cutting go-to-market time by 25%.
• Detected workflow bottlenecks and modified departmental management of various microservices, realigning focus towards customer satisfaction, which resulted in a decrease of customer complaints by 75%.

Associate Product Manager

• Led the adoption of Agile methodologies via JIRA, resulting in a 40% reduction in development cycles, a 20% acceleration in deployments, and enhanced cross-team communication.
• Integrated multiple service providers through APIs, accelerating the automatic loan scoring process by 85% and enhancing operational eficiency.
• Worked closely with leadership to develop E-mail/SMS reminders feature, achieving a 17% boost in timely payments and elevating customer activity.
• Analyzed customer support tickets and utilized Figma for UI/UX design to develop a self-service feature for managing loan applications, resulting in a 50% increase in loan applications.

Software Engineer | Scrum Master

• Developed a knowledge library in Confluence to assist new software engineers and facilitate team-wide knowledge sharing, resulting in a 30% improvement in key agile metrics.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to resolve SQL performance bottlenecks and optimize query speed, resulting in a 40% reduction in processing times.
• Partnered with a team of 3 developers to implement APIs, optimizing data pipelines and achieving a 28% increase in reporting speed, which significantly enhanced the productivity of the analytics team.

Business Analyst

• Conducted a data and processes analysis surrounding customer behaviors, vendor relationships, stakeholder goals, and workflows, increasing revenue by 20%.
• Conducted in-depth research and analysis of business operations, leading to the recommendation and implementation of a digital platform that resulted in a savings of 200 man-hours per month for the company

Software Engineer

• Contributed to the development of a payment kiosk software, enhancing its responsiveness by 20% while significantly minimizing downtimes.

Platforms Development Specialist

• Conducted market research on recruitment trends and negotiated with vendors for the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), resulting in a 35% acceleration in recruitment processes.

Junior Project Manager

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Master of Management

Bachelor in Informatics

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