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international Product Owner (Ad-sales

• Product, reporting and delivery: As a product owner, for Ad-tech and the Mydas application hosted by Cataneo, I am responsible for successfully implementing new changes, managing communications and requirements to existing services across International Media Operations and our International business units and reporting these enhancements.. Working across the Media Operations lifecycle from scheduling & playout to media ordering & fulfilment, my priority is delivering new services to enhance the end-to-end workflow, which links the application to SAP, Landmark and Azure. Additionally, I support and deploy IT Business Systems and solutions used by several International business units, including the US, LATAM, Asia, Africa and Europe. The system I am responsible for is an Ad-sales system, which hosts programming and scheduling data for both Broadcast, including Dreamworks, News Now and E! and VOD, namely Peacock streaming. I am additionally responsible for providing effective liaison between technical and non-technical audiences, both internal to NBCU and 3rd parties. I have most recently worked on projects including Azure (cloud) migration, Regression test building suites and SAP integration.
• Client/Partner relationship management, Business Development Support & Governance: A core responsibility of my role is ensuring the users of Mydas are well supported. I manage the development requirements with 3rd party vendors relating to ad-sales and in order to do this, I routinely seek user feedback to aid the development of business requirements for the application and enhance the user experience. I am responsible for managing the partner relationship we have with ad-sales vendors, maintaining client facing and relationship management skills. From a governance perspective, I produce, manage and maintain internal documentation about our ad-sales products and technical issue solutions for supporting users across our business, this ranges from producing visual documentation, such as user flows to written step guides for day to day use, alongside guides for technical support and issue resolution. I produce documentation with mainly Draw.io, Confluence and Jira.
• Business Analysis, Technical and Non-technical communications & Requirements Capture: I am responsible for both producing and prioritising business requirements, managing ad-sales squad lead responsibilities for projects. I capture user led requirements and produce PRDs to present to the project financing board and Cataneo KAMs. This part of my role is heavily dependent on communicating the needs of the business and identifying technical solutions to meet those needs. For example,I have most recently worked on managing a Mydas Regression Test project to aid in alleviating workload for our internal QA teams. I also day to day routinely manage updates ready to provide reporting for business needs, managing the Ad-sales division for agile ceremonies such as stand up, pre planning and planning amongst my development team, TMA. These ceremonies have a primary role in driving the completion of my business requirements, from producing tickets in Jira, presenting them for development with my engineering team, to reviewing the PRs and testing them.
• Product Management, Product Roadmap & Solution Design: Through my understanding of the user experience of Mydas, I play a key role in defining the vision, strategy and roadmap for Mydas from both a BAU and project perspective. I typically use Roadmunk and Jira for tracking upcoming projects and ad-sales product related changes in order to achieve this. In terms of defining the product roadmap, I prioritise the needs of the users and business through a MosCow style approach. I present my findings through a prioritisation review meeting that I host on a quarterly basis. The nature of product roadmap items and general projects ranges from Mydas enhancements (such as automated testing, automated performance analysis to internal use products such as schedule updates and channel launches.)
• Workflow Optimisation, Business Process Engineering & Productivity Improvement: With each change I work in, it is my responsibility to educate teams in International Media Operations and externally in the wider business on new solutions or functionality post project implementation. I typically achieve this through sprint demonstrations.

EU Technical Product

Associate EU Technical Product

• Product responsibilities: I was a technical product owner responsible for the EU propositions for Now’s e-commerce platforms. I was primarily responsible for managing the process of analysing and QA’ing technical implementations across the site, adopting a mixture of solution architecture and product owner responsibilities.
• Running Agile ceremonies: As a TPM, my role included organising and running agile ceremonies of which include PrePlanning, Planning, Stakeholder Sessions, Workshops and Retro, held on a weekly basis. Within these ceremonies, I would present back requirements fed in from the business to the software developers in my team. I’d use this time to best break down the work and ensure all business needs were well specified and communicated. Additionally, I’d maintain the responsibility to technical implementation and technical feasibility and feedback any additional concerns from our developers. Owning these ceremonies enabled me to establish myself as a mediator and source of information between the business (Ecommerce department) and technology. Through these engagements, I have built a strong foundation in problem solving, effective communication and management of product enhancements.
• Project scoping: As part of the TMP role, my day to day responsibility included project scoping, I adjusted work intake to be as digestible as possible through breaking down and understanding requirements alongside the team Product Manager and wider business. This involved initial analysis, diagram scoping and initial research into upcoming work. I most recently worked across, Apple
Pay analysis, Klarna Integration, the Paypal Launch project (which involved introducing Paypal as a payment method on our site) , CMP release (Which involved launching a cookie management tool for users of our website.) Personalization (Shop re-imagined) , Germany conversion (onboarding Germany as a proposition for our e-commerce platform and our Device Activation API switch (in which I performed the smoke-testingfor scenarios across several devices and signed off for). These projects have contributed vastly towards transforming the digital experience of our users, through speeding up the performance of our application, driving our overall progress towards being a data driven Front-end service. The process of project scoping has enabled me to become a key team collaborator and player.
• Analysis, Requirement identification and User Stories: As a TPM, my main responsibility was ticket and storyboard creation. I am well adapted to our tool, GitHub, as I presented my tickets here weekly. I have also had the benefit of using Jira, MS Project and Confluence in the past. As part of my role, I define, outline and present our user stories and acceptance criteria both through presentation during our agile ceremonies and through input in GitHub. As part of ticket writing and presenting, I identified problems and sought solutions through my team, stakeholders and wider network. I’d break solutions down and specify an approach on a weekly basis during Pre-planning and planning. I have most frequently worked across Payment Migration, Rebrand and API switches.
• QA/Smoke-testing: I also conducted the QA/Testing of all completed tickets. As a result of this, I have gained familiarity with NowTV user journeys and key edge-cases that may occur. This has well equipped me for all launches, as I am comfortable overseeing the journey of work-intake and tickets from beginning to end and working alongside developers to ensure we maximise quality ahead of all releases.
• A/B Testing: Alongside my Product Manager, for our BAU stream of work, my role entailed running and analysing AB tests to assess the success or feasibility of implemented features across our site. This has given me insight into consumer behaviour and understanding what informs decision-making as a user of NowTV services. This typically involves testing UI related features like Social sign-in, font, colour grading, CTA scoping and Accessibility enhancements for inclusive design.

Technical Analyst

• General overview of Graduate Scheme: This is a training scheme for graduates that consists of an initial training course with Prince2 and APMP Foundation material and a subsequent course of three seven-month core placements across various departments under the technology branch of Sky. As of date, this has included placements within Operations/Infrastructure Delivery, Agile coaching in Now TV and OTT and a placement in Cyber Security/Threat Intelligence, working alongside the Cyber Defence Unit for Sky. The scheme is focused on ensuring graduates are well versed in both the practical and theoretical aspects of Business Analysis, Agile (Kanban and Scrum), Code and Project Management.
• First Placement: PMO and Infrastructural Delivery – Operations Analyst/Product Manager: My first rotation was within Operations and Product Management. The Operational aspect of this placement has given me exposure to various software including Clarity, SAP and Spark. Additionally, the product management side was largely infrastructural and has given me insight into product lifecycles and the importance of understanding the needs and requirements of both internal and external business customers in order to allocate suitable solutions.
• Second Placement: OTT – Project Management/Scrum Master: My second placement consisted of rotating under OTT and assisting in project coordination. I have been exposed to a variety of tools including Confluence, Jira, Waffle and MS Project, while engaging in elements of Project Ocean, VOD ad’s initiatives and Sky’s VR App Launch. In terms of tasks, my role included stakeholder management (improving communication and providing visibility), project coordination, agile coaching and day to day iteration management. Due to this, I achieved both a practical understanding of the importance of Agile during the development process of software and practical experience in partaking in agile ceremonies (daily stand-ups, retrospectives, showcases and planning), assisting my applied awareness of project management beyond traditional waterfall methods.
• Third Placement: GSOC – Technical Analyst and Project Manager: My third placement consisted of two roles. The first was highly beneficial for building a technical understanding of the core elements of cyber security: Threat Detection, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability and Cyber Defence. I worked closely alongside security analysts and during this time, I was able to build experience in working with Threat detection software, namely Phantom, Splunk and Dark Trace. All software provided means for more efficiently strengthening Sky’s security defences. I gradually transitioned to overseeing the agile project management aspect while working closely with the Platform team. Using my technical understanding gathered throughout my time as a technical analyst within this placement proved beneficial towards my communication with engineers in the Platform team, as I am now able to both understand terminology and provide better accuracy during general estimation and prioritisation processes.

Insight Intern

• Discovering opportunities about careers within Technology and Software Engineering at Sky
• Networking with current graduates and understanding the overall graduate experience and culture at Sky
• Partaking in a team challenge, which provided insight into the working life at Sky

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