Dave Kizerian
Skill Score
Seasoned Professional (4/6)
Consumer Tech Ground Transportation
Project Manager, Program Manager and Small Business Owner

Actively looking for a position as a Project Manager, Scrum Master, or Email Marketing Manager.

I’ll help your company grow by bringing over 19 years of experience in managing projects related to website and email Marketing, and campaign strategy, with a focus on aligning priorities with company objectives, stakeholder desires, and team workloads.

I’ve been managing a high-volume and high-energy, driver experience for 2 years, overseeing all aspects of the program from vendor management, to training and mentoring a team of instructors and operations staff.

I provide an additional 6 years of business development strategy with focus on improving customer engagement and increasing the length of the customer lifecycle through email marketing, social media campaigns, and customer service.

I have also spent 16 years coaching drivers of all skill levels on how to go faster, drive better, and increase their enjoyment of their experiences while driving in high-performance and race events.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Business model design Market analysis Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Performance tracking Growth experiments Market positioning Digital marketing Marketing collateral Distribution planning Relationship building
Skill Progression

Software Engineer

Associate Software Engineer

Repair Customer Service

Program Manager, ST SUV West

• Manage projects associated with ST SUV program ensuring that all deliverables are clearly communicated, properly tracked, and completed within budget and scheduled timeframes.
• Work with vendors to ensure all deliverables are completed on time, within budget, and maintain the high standards of Ford Performance Racing School.
• Create and maintain documentation and diagrams for program exercises, and employee processes.
• Train and mentor instructors on all aspects of the program, including exercise specifics, program movement, vehicle knowledge, and instructing techniques.
• Create, write, and manage all participant communications with a focus on engaging content that participants will read ahead of their program date. Collaborate with other program managers to ensure parity between program communications, and that best practices are being followed.
• Provide outstanding customer service in person, on the phone, and via emails.
• Recruit, hire, train, and manage operations staff.

Looking for new opportunities

Co-Owner / Co-Regional Director

Company dedicated to hosting automotive races, and high performance driving events with a strong focus on learning and safety.

• Develop short-term and long-term product and marketing strategy for automotive events that serve over 450 members through Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and guest drivers from throughout the US and Canada. Leading to revenue growth each year since we started in 2016.
• Plan, write and send all customer and employee email campaigns. Customer emails see an average of 31% open rate.
• Collaborate with other owners and staff to continuously grow our participation levels through website campaigns, social media, paid advertising, and targeted event promotion.
• Provide outstanding customer service in person, on the phone, and via emails.
• Resolve conflict with an eye towards long-term customer retention as well as ongoing growth.
• Research and write proposals for Tooele County tourism grants. Have successfully received tourism grant each available year since 2016.

Internet Marketing Manager

• Collaborated with IT, outreach, public relations, engineering, and content writers to build development timelines, and to design and execute campaigns for new products and features.
• Used Asana, Excel, and other tools to track project deliverables and timelines.
• Planned, built, and executed, email marketing campaigns for lists of up-to one hundred thousand customers, and up-to six thousand employees.
• Worked with IT teams to troubleshoot and fix network and server issues.
• Collaborated with IT cloud team and contractors to define the technology needs, build a project plan, and execute the move of all corporate websites from outdated physical servers to an AWS cloud-based architecture.
• Utilized customer, and employee feedback, along with Google Analytics to constantly improve all aspects of six websites that see an average of over 35,000 unique views per month.

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