Chakresh Peela
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Top Skills
Data retrieval Feature prioritization Metrics definition Negotiation Product requirements Product roadmap Stakeholder alignment User feedback review User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Product Manager

At, a mental health startup, led the agile development of our first MVP, accelerating the launch by 2 months through a  focus on user-centric features and strategic planning, boosting early-stage product viability and user engagement.
• Led 30+ user interviews to gather feedback on early-stage product designs, uncovering key user needs and preferences that informed design improvements in the beta builds, leading to a 15% increase in user satisfaction scores for the MVP.
• Utilized insights from user interviews and competitor analysis to craft comprehensive user stories, meticulously addressing all
edge cases; directly contributed to a 20% increase in feature adoption and enhancing user satisfaction by 15%.
• Draft prioritized feature list and roadmap with strategic initiatives, helped to launch MVP in 6 months; ahead of timeline.
• Leveraged scrum process in Agile for product development with 2-week sprints, ensuring less than 10% spillover.

Product Manager Intern

development processes, playing a pivotal role in improving user retention and accelerating product delivery timelines.

• Boosted 23% user retention by leading redesign of user onboarding and in-app challenges;efectively enhancing app stickiness.
• Optimized mobile development time by 32% by establishing a design system for CrewLAB and standardizing handof process.
• Conductedpost-launch analysis of summer campaign using HEART framework, achieving a 19% increase in user engagement.
• Collaborated with founding & cross-functional teams to establish product vision & strategic roadmap focused on customer
acquisition, churn reduction, & feature adoption by refining product vision and automating KPI & product metric reports.

Product Design Intern

identification, leading to notable enhancements in user experience andproduct-marketfit.
• Conducted competitive analysis of 15+ fan engagement tools, enhancing UX design and increasing user engagement by 25%.
• Identified MVP features in collaboration with founders, reducing time-to-market by 30% & aligning product with market needs.
• Developed product specs and user-centric mockups from competitive analysis, resulting in a 30% uplift in user satisfaction scores, and contributed to a comprehensive 1-year product roadmap that efectively addressed the needs of early adopters.

Assistant Manager

eficiencies, significantly impacting production processes and regional sales strategies.
• Created and led product roadmaps to scale & deliver facelifts optimized for new markets with less than 10% changeover.
• Designed and deployed interactive analytical dashboards on Google Data Studio to track the real-time production of the plant and evaluate operation risks and supply chain losses, helping improve production by 27% in 3 months.
• Led the monthly Sales & Operations for JEEP, serving 13 APAC markets, efectively driving cost reduction initiatives.

Degree Programs

Master of Engineering Management

Masters in Design – Interaction Design

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.