Carl Adrian Patco
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Network Solutions Product Manager

Responsible for the over-all relationship and management of the client which includes marketing, network planning, engineering, build, optimization, operation, platform and purchasing group.

Organizes POC (Proof of Concept) activities, roadmap shows and workshops for the promotion of new Huawei Fixed Network products and solutions, highlighting company strengths and advantages over
the competition.

Deliver technical presentations on Huawei Fixed Network products and participate in pre-sales activities such as exhibitions, workshops and product demonstrations.

RF Engineer – Data Analyst

Data Analyst for the Philippine Representative Office

Responsible for producing carrier-oriented business and network insights, routinely analyze and maintain the financial reports and operations data, regularly analyze and maintain the records of customer marketing methods(promotion packages), and conduct further research on the services of carriers to identify customer pain points.

Focused on cleaning, transforming, and modeling data using Python, SQL, and KNIME Analytics to extract and process useful information for business decision-making.

Generated dashboards using Huawei’s Three Cloud (RABBIT), Tableau, and FineReport. These dashboards allow us to track and provide solutions to improve the customer’s KPI.


Provided clear and accurate solutions for homework questions made by various students from all over the world. The topics I handled were under College Mathematics, Statistics, Logical and Ethical Reasoning, and Electrical Engineering.

Student Affiliate

This is a research and instructional facility in UP EEEI engaged in developing wireless communication devices, microwave radios, antennas, and power amplifiers.

Undergraduate Thesis Project: Internet over TV White Space Protocol Characterization

Student Assistant

I assisted in records management work and administrative work for various EEE majors and laboratory matters (i.e. maintenance of laboratory equipment, checking and recording of student activities, and proctoring on exams). I also assisted in handling laboratory classes for specific EEE majors (i.e. testing of laboratory exercises, assisting the students during class hours, and recording lab activities)

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science – BS, Electronics and Communications Engineering

High School

Licenses and Certifications

Become a Data Analyst

Business Analytics Foundations: Descriptive, Exploratory, and Explanatory Analytics

Data Analytics for Business Professionals

Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data

Data Visualization for Data Analysis and Analytics

Data Visualization: Storytelling

Data Visualization: Best Practices

Excel Statistics Essential Training: 1

Functional Programming with Python

Introduction to Business Analytics

Introduction to Data Science

Learning Data Analytics

Learning Data Visualization

Learning Excel: Data Analysis

Power BI Essential Training