Ajay Pundhir
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for Product Manager and Data and AI PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Senior Data Science Manager | AI Product Portfolio Management

Principal Data Scientist | AI Product Owner

? Reporting and assisting CTO in formulating AI Strategy
? Creating Data strategy and leveraging AI to deliver value to the customer
? Delivered 20+ AI-First Products to the customer’s satisfaction
? Mentoring and Enabling a high impact cross-functional team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers
? Empowering team to think out of the box and participate in the strategic growth of the organization with innovative ideas
? Delivering value with AI Technology Partnerships

Lead Data Scientist | AI Product Owner

NLP Projects

Community Ambassador

? Pie and AI, Abu Dhabi Community Ambassador: The objective of this community is to provide educational seminars and mentorships to Students, AI Enthusiasts and AI Professionals. I am hosting community events every 2 months as Ambassador of Deeplearning.ai Community

Community Ambassador

? Working as KaggleDays UAE ambassador.

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

? Demonstrated & developed an end-to-end proof of concept in a record time of 1 month before the Chief Information Officer
? Liaised with the Social Media Servicing Team as part of executing the project in the Chief Information Officer’s office
? Created ML models for AMEX to timely avoid negativity on Social Media.
? Led an agile team of 7 members to deliver an end-to-end ML model pipeline to production
? Gained an understanding of business users’ requirements by conducting brainstorming sessions
? Tested & verified ML model results with business users

Machine Learning Engineer

? Enabled USD 600 million in revenue reversal (Q1) and completed the data product post-POC phase in 4 months
? Orchestrated the complete back-end ETL pipeline
? Performed Feature Engineering, Feature selection and AB Testing
? Detected 45% of the suppressing merchants by proactively undertaking identification of the same
? Created & evaluated different ML models while comparing results & deploying ensemble models spanning 3 algorithms
? Developed multi-model backend to predict anomalous merchants
? Identified anomalous merchants in Australia & India from credit card transaction data by building & deploying data-based products
? Awarded Employee of the Quarter Q4, 2016 at Amex for outstanding performance in MARS project

Technical Lead

? Built APIs for cloud-based applications & deployed them on cloud infrastructure to process 100 million requests per day
? Spearheaded API Engineering & back-end service delivery and coordinated REST API development for cloud applications
? Received the ‘Excellence Spot Award’ thrice at Samsung

Lead Engineer

? Developer Tizen Context Framework

Senior Software Engineer

? Developer at Tizen Framework Team For System module


? Developed & released open-source contribution to KOffice/Calligra repository extension for acceptance by the community owner
? Enabled editing feature in Office Tools product of MeeGo OS via C++ & QT while functioning in a multi-location team


? Intern at MeeGo Office Tools Team

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant For
1. Software Engineering – Prof K V Dinesha
2. Computer Networks – Prof Debbrata Das


Lecturer, in various engineering college in Sharda Group

– Anand Engineering College, Agra
– HCST, Agra
– HIT, Greater Noida

Subjects Taught:

– Digital Electronics
– Introduction to Computer Science

Degree Programs

Executive Leadership Program, Business Innovation and Leadership

Certificate, The Business of AI

Master of Science – MS, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Masters, Machine Learning and Artifitial Intelligence

M.Tech, Information Technology

Licenses and Certifications

Strategic Leadership

Critical Analytical Thinking

Financial Innovation

Business of AI

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Tensorflow Developer Certificate

Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow

Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow

Sequences, Time Series and Prediction

Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine

Introduction to Software Product Management

Product Management and Development Foundations

Deep Learning Foundation