Anubhav Singh
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
MBA'22, IIT Kanpur | Former Summer Intern @ Bajaj Finserv | Ex-Infoscian

I am an enthusiast who is keen to learn different things and keep exploring various career options.
Current areas of interest:
1. Marketing
2. Finance
3. Strategy Consulting
4. Analytics
5. Cognitive Science

Pursuing MBA at IIT Kanpur
Work experience: 2 years & 3 months
Work Profile: System engineer in Infosys
Work Description: Involved in web development, web designing, QA testing, and client handling.

Evaluated for Chief Product Officer and Data and AI PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Skill Progression

Management Trainee

Summer Intern

1. Data preprocessing using pandas & pyspark, and Classification of various attributes
2. Text Standardization, which involved removal of special characters, handling uppercase and lowercase characters, context generation and spelling correction in the given data
3. Pin code mapping, Extracting pin code out of the given data (address) using databases
4. Extracting required information out of the given data to create a database for address verification purpose

Overall Coordinator

Finance and Business Analytics Intern

Worked on calculating profitability and risk of different investment in a venture

Media and Cultural Committee Coordinator

1. Organizing Events
2. Coordinating activites
3. Handling social media

System Engineer

1. Web development of different web portals for internal projects
2. QA testing of different mechanical tools before deploying them into production
3. Preparing and publishing documents for applications beforehand to notify the client about the release changes
4. Application support, Fixing defects and Application deployment for various applications

System Engineer Trainee

1. Training in multiple computer programming languages, which involves Python, SQL, JAVA
2. Learning front end and back end development of a website in MEAN technology (Full Stack Develpor)
3. Developed an internal shopping website using MEAN technology (Project work)

Research Intern

1. Worked on flow visualization study over staggered cylinders at low Reynolds no. in soap film tunnel
2. Research on flow visualization over two cylinders by varying the distance between them in soap film tunnel

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration – MBA

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Aeronautical Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

Product Analytics Micro Certification