Ansh Agrawal
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Analytics Freelancer | CRED | Ex- President at Enactus DTU | Consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting, DTU

?Hi, I am Ansh Agrawal, a senior at Delhi Technological University with love for entrepreneurship, life psychology, product analytics, and leadership.


Entrepreneurship has been a recent love for me. I love reading case studies, frameworks, articles, etc., on best practices in the startup world. Y Combinator has been my source of inspiration and information for startups. I would highly recommend it if you are in the startup space.

Currently, I am building RealTalk (, a peer support app for Mental health. I wish to enable everyone to share their feelings unfiltered and engage in genuine conversations with people that want to talk to them and understand them without fearing judgment in any form. I feel that such a safe space is essential when our identity is shaped by the number of likes, followers, views, etc.

Talking of analytics, I have previously worked on quite a few open projects and some organizations as a Product Analyst. I have never liked to code too much, but I did fall in love with the process of structuring data, visualizing it, and strategizing how to make effective data-driven decisions.

Beyond all of this, there is one organization that I would like to credit all my growth with. It’s Enactus DTU. A student-run social entrepreneurship society that gave me everything I could ask for. Be it friends, knowledge, exposure, or a new perspective on life. Had it not been for Enactus DTU, I don’t think I would be the person I am today.


I love having deep conversations on life psychology and spirituality. If you, too, have similar interests, let’s meet for a virtual coffee chat? Shoot me at [email protected]

Evaluated for Product Manager and Data and AI PM role archetype
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Metrics definition Listening Database structure Negotiation Writing and presentation System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Relationship building
Skill Progression

Product Analytics Freelancer

I’m an analytics consultant that can help you increase your ROI by adequately setting up analytics, analyzing your data, or structuring your data flow.

Based on your data, I can
1. Identify previously unidentified trends
2. Improve your application or website
3. Help you make data-driven decisions
4. Improve conversion rate for various KPIs

What can I help you with?

? Event tracking and database design
? Data analysis
? Streamlining, & structuring your reports, dashboards for making data-driven decisions

Head over to

Product Analyst

Cred is an Indian fintech company valued at $4 billion, based in Bangalore, founded in 2018.

I helped CRED with the following:
1. Setting up a fraud alert system, reducing frauds by 90%
2. Constructed various dashboards for specific stakeholders to monitor A/B tests, Tokenisation, Offer- efficiency, etc.
3. Conducted multiple analyses for specific use cases, to identify user trends, insights, etc.

Product Analyst

1. Constructed High-Level Dashboards using MySql to enable stakeholders to make data-driven decisions efficiently

2. Automated all data-related manual processes in the organization using GA, Redash & Excel

3. Extracted insights that enabled the stakeholders to focus on potential anti-growth areas & informed them of various unexpected user trends

Analytics Head | Project Casa Youth Shelter

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-run consultancy which provides business consulting support for social enterprises as well as for non-profits.

Helping in defining the Key Performance Indicators on the Marketing and Fundraising Strategies being employed currently at Casa Youth Shelter, USA.

Product Analytics

Working with the Analytics team to structure incoming data to enable Data-Driven Decisions.


RealTalk is an anonymous platform that allows users to express their feelings without any fear of judgment through numbers.

You can download our app via


Responsible for and trusted with leading the entire team of Enactus DTU, with a unified goal of bringing about a positive change in the society through uplifting communities.

Karnataka School Insights

• Created an Issue Tree to identify the problem statement to be focused upon
• Created new parameters, and carried out anomaly detection, Q-Q plots, Box plots, 95% CI, M- estimators, etc. using MS Excel & SPSS
• Conducted statistical tests such as Fisher’s, ANOVA, Bayesian statistics
• Created visually impactful stories in Tableau leading to meaningful insights of the data

Executive Core Committee

Core Member of Project Milan

Devised in collaboration with Enactus Southampton University, Project Milan aims to address the Indian Agrarian Crisis in the most novel, innovative way possible – through the implementation of Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a neo-agrarian tool – one which combines both pisciculture (fish farming) and agriculture into a symbiotic system, whereby the excreta of fish is used to provide essential nutrients to plants. The system thus works in a cyclic fashion.

Fostered a team to construct the whole structure of Project Milan (Aquaponics – Soil-less farming) from scratch by devising new cost reduction techniques reducing cost by 57% compared to the industrial structure.

Currently, as the Pilot Projects stands ready, I would be looking into the expansion, marketing and strategy side of the Project.

Data Analyst

Performed data analysis and developed a path for cables and spotted the free routes.
Spotted major faults in the cable layout and created new routes using the free routes available through various intermediates.
Customized a more refined pathway reducing material usage and distance.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Mathematics and Computer Science


Licenses and Certifications

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

Qualified for the final round of Master’s Union Emerging Business Leaders 2020

National Finalist

Robotics workshop

AsiaNet Think and Learn Challenge





Google Ads – Measurement Certification

Google Ads search certification