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Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
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Agile methodologies API integration Data retrieval Listening Market analysis Negotiation Performance tracking Relationship building Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Metrics definition Product requirements Product roadmap Product vision Stakeholder alignment User feedback review User journey and personas User research
Skill Progression

Front End Developer

• Spearheaded development and enhancement of a internal custom CMS using Vue.js, PHP, MySQL, incorporating RESTAPIs for integration and data exchange
• Collaborated with stakeholders from design, product and business teams to create new information architecture, design sketches, flow diagrams, wireframes and mockups
• Designed and implemented A/B experiments for internal product to improve the conversion rate by 20 basis points
• Perform maintenance and incident management implementing CI/CD practices

Front End Developer & Product Manager

• Managed and led a team to design, develop and implement responsive websites using Nuxt and Vuetify, resulting in an average 20% increase in website trafic and a 15% reduction in bounce rate over six months
• Wrote performing and accessible web and app components using Vue3 and TypeScript,collaborating closely designers to create engaging user experiences.
• Led the development of design sketches, flow diagrams, wireframes, and mockups using Figma , resulting in a cohesive and user-centric product vision
• Built an external client web dashboard for data visualisation using D3.js, resulting in a 30% reduction in client-reported data analysis errors and a increase in overall client satisfaction.

Front End Developer & Product Manager

• Responsible for migrating the website codebase from React to Vue3, improving built-in components and resulting in a 25% reduction in page load time and a 15% increase in overall website usability.
• Created reusable Javascript components and services to consume RESTAPIs using the component-based architecture provided by Vue3.
• Worked with cross-functional teams to ensure a seamless transition. Monitored project timelines, coordinated resources and resolved technical and design issues that arose during the migration process.
• Conceived, designed and developed a website from inception, following UI patterns using Figma, aligning the project with overarching business and product development strategies.

Front End Developer – UX Designer

• Supported an internal management tool to streamline team workflow and improve project tracking, resulting in a 25% increase in team productivity and a 15% reduction in project completion time.
• Designed and developed the front-end of a website using React, incorporating micro-animations to improve user engagement.
• Developed and maintained comprehensive design documents, including branding guidelines, design system and component libraries, enhancing design consistency across projects

Degree Programs

Full Stack Developement Course

Classical and Foreign Literature

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.