Anandvardhan Singh
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
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Product Manager


Based on a strong technological setting, this Cloud kitchen in Manipal was started as to fit into the huge gap in the town’s food industry. As identified by a couple of students and Alumni, BX seemed to hit just the right notes with its audience in a terribly short period of time.


Head Of Administration

A matter of absolute pride to be appointed in said position, my work comprised of making sure the multiple departments of the board worked in tandem to bring out the best in them. Leading a team towards meeting deadlines, covering all loose ends while never compromising became a rather fulfilling journey. My time in the board spanned over a period of 4 years, occupying various positions before this appointment.

Head Of Business Development

Overlooking the Business Development department of the single largest media body in this side of the country, proved to be an extremely fruitful part of my journey. Apart from running the show in a largely student-based community, it gave me a stage to deploy projects that had long been on my mind. Being the mind behind Noir Select, a Customer Loyalty Program working around a Eight-Figure Saving for the city served as an excellent proof of concept, of having a sound sense of business, along with reading the pulse of a market.

Internship Trainee

An apprentice under the project manager for L&T’s Northen Railway Revamp undertaking served as an insight at the daily workings at the construction site of a railway bridge, apart from the tracks laid down. The technical knowledge I gained during my time working proves to be priceless in more than one aspect of my journey.

Research Intern

Worked under a highly experienced professor particularly in the field of Supply Chain Management. Worked on dynamics and sustainable methods to integrate the Supply Chain and Blockchain Technologies in the Financial and Industry Driven sectors.

Head Of Operations

Working with an extremely talented group of people straight as I joined my Educational Institute served as the perfect catalyst to my ardent desire to work on projects closely related to their target audience. Getting the opportunity to pursue operations in the initial city of the company gave me the exposure of working with my team at a very personal capacity, teaching me the importance of management inside of a firm at the grassroot level.

Research Assistant

I had the opportunity to work under a highly qualified and experienced scientist, working on providing Futuristic Solutions to Fire Extinguishing in both military and domestic capacities. My personal specific project was centered around efficient and state of the art Cylinder Design.

Project Intern

Curated content for businesses signed on, working closely with my higher-ups to generate marketing strategies leading to a high quality of conversion.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Mechanical Engineering

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