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Hi, I’m Akash R Kathavate. ?
I’m a 25-year-old constantly evolving curious species who like to read good content and try to write content for the community.
I believe that creativity, leadership quality, Technology, and time management form the crux of my personality.
I have one simple goal: use the virtue of technology to create products that improve people’s lives

If you need someone to get things done, look no further! ?

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Associate Product Manager

Associate Product Manager

Partnerships & Software developer

The Product Folks is a volunteer-driven community of PMs and enthusiasts who are passionate about making an impact and help everyone grow together.

Currently scaling two of our initiatives:
– Developer @ Grabchai (www.grabchai.online)
– Partnerships @ Membership Dealkit (http://deals.theproductfolks.com/)

Software Developer

?• Employed in a US-based startup where I’m working on enterprise software for the UtilityAI space developing both B2B and B2C products, which involve using exciting technologies including MySQL, AWS, JavaScript(React, Angular) and ? Looker(is used to work on user metrics and helps in making further decisions) thereby helping Bidgely deliver high-quality ? products to the customers.

Software Developer Intern

Network Operations Intern

?• Worked in the network optimization and gained hands-on experience in Routing and Switching of
networking devices.
?• Conducted walk tests and drive tests in remote areas.

Stadium Management Intern

1.Smaash Bangalore(BFC)Bangalore
?• I Took care of Fan zone for Smaash during BFC matches which were held in Bangalore for ISL season
2. Ticketgenie (RCB) Bangalore
?• I Worked with Ticketgenie for Stadium management for the IPL season of 2018 for Royal challengers Bangalore.

Placement Coordinator

?• Liaisoned between our placement committee, 75+ companies, and over 80 students to
facilitate placement activities.
?• Increased job and internship offers by 20% by setting up an efficient workflow.

Student outreach Program

It was basically a Student Outreach marketing Internship which was work from home.

Iot intern

?• I Got general experience about what IoT is and furthermore we made a Project dependent on IoT for which Problem statement was given and we won the best Proposal grant.

Database Coordinator

?• Database Coordinator for PHASESHIFT(TECHNICAL FEST) and
UTSAV(CULTURAL FEST) 2017 for 2017 AT BMS College of Engineering
?• Handled Database for around 30k students who came in for different programs in the fest.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

PCMC, Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications

Business Analytics Specialization

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Introduction to Software Product Management

Software Processes and Agile practices

Programming Foundations: Databases

Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies


Programming with AVR