Aerwin Apollo Perez
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Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
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Lead Product Manager for North America

Cleantech/Electric Vehicles Industry
• Led the launch plan for the first AC charging product, which generated $10 M within the first year of launch
• Identified and analyzed market trends, competitive benchmarking, and customer needs in the North American e mobility market to support 2 Market Requirement Specifications and 2 Product Requirement Documents
• Strategized with cross-functional teams (sales, technical support, legal, and service), improving processes by 300%
• Initiated software integration testing with 5 open-source backend providers, improving 2024 sales goal to 200%


Construction Industry
• Created a business from 0 to 1, managed a team of 3, and generated $10k AMR with a current profit margin of 20%
• Developed the plan to foster strategic relationships with four partners and improved the recurring job rate by 70%
• Maintained B2C relationships during and after jobs for feedback on process and business improvements

Systems Engineer / Product Owner

Aerospace and Defense Industry
• Communicated strategy within the program office (PMO), design, legal, and other disciplines to improve the reliability of a product by ~250% and negated ~$15M in repair costs
• Steered Agile development of a safety report tracking tool and improved on-time performance from 62% to 99.8%
• Presented complex technical project issues at a conference of over 300 customers to understand customer pain points and gather customer feedback to communicate back to internal stakeholders
• Created a business case to use AI/ML for safety events and collaborated with data sciences to develop 24 algorithms

Project Engineer

Aerospace and Defense Industry
• Developed a product for predictive maintenance combining hardware sensors and cloud: experienced first stages of the product life cycle, established GTM strategy, awarded a patent, and saved $150K in potential interruptions
• Directed design, test, stress, and electrical engineers in a hardware testing campaign, established key milestones for communication with the internal PMO and customers, and completed two projects within $1.5M of budget
• Engaged design and manufacturing engineering using JIRA to improve 248 parts and saved $5M in recurring costs
• Analyzed product performance data of 4 products using Python; projects ranging from cost reduction to development

Engineer Rotational Program

Aerospace and Defense Industry
• Organized an integrated supply chain using lean manufacturing/Six Sigma for a combined quarterly revenue of $20M
• Executed process improvements for nozzle products by 40% to realize annual savings of $60k
• Implemented an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) product to minimize cycle time on 5 assembly lines by ~20%
• Executed 50+ process improvements for assembly lines, reducing cycle time and defects upwards too 500%

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Bachelor of Science

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