Adaobi Oduenyi
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
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Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Listening Negotiation Relationship building Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Community Manager

• Led the creative marketing department in executing a successful community engagement campaign, resulting in a 50% increase in website and email traffic.
• Collaborated with Lagos Food Bank to organize an impactful offline corporate social responsibility (CSR) event benefiting over seventy women.
• Orchestrated and executed offline wellness events, generating over one hundred leads.
• Compiled and submitted regular internal reports on brand community performance, growth, and engagement metrics.
• Developed SEO-friendly blog articles, contributing to improved website engagement and traffic.
• Formulated content strategies for subsidiary businesses, enhancing logistics app (PILLMOVA) and microinsurance platform (OneWellness) visibility.
• Organized online events, webinars, and social media campaigns, accumulating over a million impressions by Q4.
• Produced and distributed engaging content, driving a 50% increase in all company social media platforms.
• Cultivated relationships with stakeholders and partners in the healthcare/supply chain industry, promoting community growth.

Social Media Content Creator

• Crafted engaging social media content, incorporating relevant keywords and hashtags for heightened reach.
• Monitored engagement metrics to gauge the success of organic marketing efforts.

Executive Assistant and

• Managed the CEO’s calendar, skillfully coordinating appointments and meetings.
• Prioritized and efficiently handled incoming emails, calls, and communications on behalf of the CEO.

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• Prepared comprehensive reports, presentations, and essential materials to meet the CEO’s requirements.
• Expertly organized travel arrangements and logistics for seamless business trips.
• Served as a pivotal liaison bridging communication between the CEO, team members, clients, and stakeholders.
• Led the onboarding process for new hires, concurrently supporting HR-related tasks.
• Effectively executed ad-hoc administrative tasks and directed projects under the CEO’s guidance.
• Supervised the digital marketing team, providing insightful guidance, constructive feedback, and tailored training.
• Developed strategic project plans, delineating clear timelines and resource allocation for both short and long-term initiatives.
• Proactively identified, assessed, and managed project risks, issues, and dependencies.
• Conducted regular status meetings, offering updates, actionable insights, and swift resolution of bottlenecks.
• Orchestrated collaborative project teams, assigning tasks, and ensuring unwavering accountability.
• Meticulously monitored project progression, maintaining adherence to timelines and budgets.

Project Manager andAdministrative Officer

• Provided comprehensive administrative support to the institute’s leadership, encompassing presentation preparation, research, and ad hoc responsibilities.
• Masterfully orchestrated seminars, workshops, and training sessions, meticulously managing logistics, invitations, and participant registration.
• Contributed to recruitment processes, including job posting and interview coordination.
• Skillfully formulated budgets, tracked expenses, and delivered financial reports for all seminars, workshops, and training sessions.
• Methodically processed invoices, expenses, and reimbursements in alignment with established protocols.
• Efficiently managed incoming and outgoing correspondence, embracing emails, calls, and official documentation.
• Crafted and refined communications on behalf of the institute, ensuring precision and professionalism.
• Expertly handled executive calendars, adeptly scheduling appointments, meetings, and events while considering diverse stakeholder availabilities.
• Coordinated logistics for workshops, seminars, and training sessions, ensuring seamless execution.
• Oversaw day-to-day operations, managing facilities, equipment, and supplies for optimal functionality.
• Implemented administrative strategies, fostering an organized and efficient work environment.
• Acted as a dynamic link between the company’s clients and facilitators, adeptly managing schedules, dates, and course content.
• Proficiently facilitated both virtual and on-site programs, ensuring engaging and impactful learning experiences.
• Collected and assessed feedback from employees and management on previous training, pinpointing areas for improvement and additional support.

Digital Marketing Lead

• Led and coordinated digital marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
• Ensured website functionalities were working efficiently and made sure the site’s content was updated.

Executive Assistant andJunior Project Manager

• Adeptly managed the executive’s calendar, demonstrating efficiency in scheduling meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements.
• Skillfully coordinated and prioritized appointments, ensuring seamless time management for maximum productivity.
• Functioned as the central nexus for both internal and external communication on behalf of the executive.
• Executed the drafting, editing, and proofreading of emails, memos, and documents with meticulous precision and utmost professionalism.
• Orchestrated comprehensive travel itineraries, encompassing flights, accommodations, transportation, and visas.
• Anticipated and fulfilled travel-related needs, compiling detailed travel packets to facilitate hassle-free journeys.
• Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams, contributing to defining project scope, objectives, deliverables, and timelines.
• Articulated comprehensive project plans, outlining tasks, milestones, and resource requisites with meticulous attention.
• Efficiently coordinated tasks across multifunctional teams, assigning responsibilities and vigilantly tracking progress against milestones.
• Conducted regular project status assessments, rapidly identifying bottlenecks and seamlessly implementing corrective actions.
• Produced regular progress reports, artfully showcasing accomplishments, challenges, and imminent milestones.

Customer Service Administrator

• Converted over 50% of assigned leads into paying customers
• Liaised with key internal and external stakeholders
Additional Experience:

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Executive Administrative Assistant

Student Intern

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Bachelor of Science

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