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Lenny Rachitsky explores the elusive concept of product-market fit (PMF) by reaching out to founders of iconic companies, including Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Substack, Stripe, and more. PMF is the sweet spot where a product resonates well with its target market, leading to sustainable growth. The founders recount their experiences, sharing diverse stories that highlight the various manifestations of PMF.


Some key takeaways from the stories include the idea that market “pull” can take different forms, such as an inflection in organic growth, customers eager to pay before being asked, or users expressing frustration when the product is unavailable. Additionally, about half of the companies found PMF immediately after launch, while others took months or even years to iterate and reach that point. The intensity of the market pull is influenced by both the product’s effectiveness in solving user problems and the size of the initial market.


Noteworthy examples include Drew Houston of Dropbox describing the moment when their demo video went viral, and Marc Randolph of Netflix emphasizing the 18 months of experimentation that led to their breakthrough. The stories also underscore the importance of addressing customer needs, with insights from companies like Patreon and Nextdoor highlighting moments where passionate user engagement signaled the attainment of PMF.


Overall, the article emphasizes that recognizing PMF is not always immediate and can manifest through a series of compounding wins or milestones. It underscores the importance of understanding the market pull and adjusting strategies accordingly, as PMF is a critical factor in building a successful and sustainable business.

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