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This website gives an overview of startups. It shows why startups are different from established firms since their major objective is quick expansion. This distinction is shown by the comparison of a redwood seedling with a bean sprout.


The resource underscores that the crucial factor for achieving success in a startup is developing a product that fulfils a substantial market need and efficiently targeting and servicing that market. Startups, in contrast to conventional firms, are not constrained by consumer reach or product scalability, instead prioritising inventive ideas. The essay explains the notion of growth rate as an important measure for entrepreneurs. The suggestion proposes a weekly goal of 5-7% in the early phases, which acts as an indicator of a startup’s achievement and assists founders in establishing and attaining steady growth objectives.


The site also covers the economic dynamics of startups. It explains why investors are drawn to high-growth firms because of their potential for substantial rewards. It also talks on the roles of venture capital and acquisitions in the startup ecosystem, explaining why entrepreneurs typically opt to obtain funding even if they might be successful independently. In general, this resource offers fundamental knowledge for beginners, emphasising the distinct features of startups, the significance of continuous expansion, and the connections involved.

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