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How would you design a heater for kids?


How would you set goals and measure success for Whatsapp polls? Please walk us through your thinking process.


Design a product for child care.



You are the PM for Meta (Facebook) newsfeed. How would you improve it?


Tell me about a time when you made a product or process simpler for your customers that had a significant impact.


Estimate the number of travelers in India per day.



How do you determine what customers want and need?


How would you design Google Images?



Make an argument for offering some free storage space to Google Photos users.



How would you prepare a one month projection of a newly opened Ikea store for the company CEO?



Enhance the YouTube experience for creators.


Tell me about a time when you handled conflict.


Why should I hire you for this role?


Tell me about a time you used customer feedback to drive innovation.


Tell me about a time you disagreed with Engineering.


You have been assigned as the manager to design an incentive structure to the drivers of a cab aggregator. How would design it?



Estimate the number of drones necessary to complete all deliveries for Amazon in NYC.


You are a platform PM for AWS. There is a new third party platform that is becoming really popular in integrating with existing cloud platforms to improve the load balancing of app traffic. What metrics and goals would you consider in the build/buy decision?



How many passenger car tires will be sold in financial year 2022-2023 in India?

Data point: Maruti suzuki with 45% market share and it sold 3,50,000 from April – Dec 2022

Pick any favorite product of your choice . Find any one functionality you find missing in the same product which would make life simpler.


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