Technical Product Manager

Job details

Top Skills: Marketing collateral Distribution planning Relationship building Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Product roadmap Feature prioritization
Suggested skill score: 290

Skills Breakdown

A technical product manager (TPM) is one with a strong technical background and very good understanding of the product. The TPM operates horizontally across the company and serves as the connective tissue between all the teams, typically more focused on the technical aspects. Their job is to support the teams and make sure they’re marching in the same direction to meet milestones and deliver a product that meet specs. While the person indexes more technical, they serve as an important link to the business and operations side.

Position Overview

    • Accountable for framing and delivering the work in service of the overall product.
    • Define project responsibilities and prioritization with senior leadership (VPs and CTO)
    • Track progress, identify success metrics, resolve dependencies, evaluate risks and communicate status up and down the team (upper management and stakeholders)
    • Engage and energize the team to achieve aggressive and ambitious goals.
    • Partner deeply with ALL the technical and non-technical teams to ensure technical work aligns to Company OKRs and the product roadmap.
    • Manage complexity at scale – the role fans out across many functional teams; identify and communicate the cross-functional impact of decisions
    • Remove the blockers to momentum and progress; identify the gaps in comms and schedules, manage issue escalation, and provide balanced support to teams that have competing priorities. One must be proactive to drive results.
    • Ask questions (the Brimstone value of dive deep), clarify priorities, find alternative solutions — push efficiencies
    • Support technical and strategic planning (hiring! resource planning!)


    • Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Engineering or other hard sciences.
    • 3-5 years of start-up environment experience.
    • 3-5 years of experience in product management with a successful track record in bringing new products to market.
    • Exceptional project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and projects simultaneously.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams and senior leadership.
    • Build and scale cross-functional teams from scratch.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with a data-driven approach to decision-making.
    • Strong business acumen and excellent written, verbal and presentation communication skills.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment with quick delivery and iteration.
$167K – $230K a year
Annual Salary Range $167,000 – $230,000
This position can be worked as a remote position within the United States.

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