Technical Product Manager

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Top Skills: Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Relationship building Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Data retrieval Product requirements
Suggested skill score: 290

Skills Breakdown

Job Description: 5+ years of proven experience leading technical products, including large, cross-functional, machine learning initiatives; with an emphasis on conversational AI, natural language processing (NLP), or related fields. Demonstrated ability to mentor and guide team members in consistent project delivery and product results. Problem-oriented approach, able to identify needs at a glance and deconstruct them into practical pieces. Assess and prioritize multitudes of product opportunities based on their potential value, resources required, and our overall product strategy. Required Experience: At least 1 year Experience is Required in Natural Language Processing At least 1 year Experience is Required inMachin Learning At least 2-5 year Experience is Required in Product Management

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empower music artists

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How to empower music artists?

Business model design Product requirements User journey and personas

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Comparison of checkout-free retail with incumbent product and business model

Business model design Market analysis Build vs buy vs partner

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