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Top skills: Metrics definition Listening Database structure Negotiation Writing and presentation
Suggested skill score: 400

Skills Breakdown

We value the millions of customers across Hopper’s wide umbrella of products and services and believe that great customer experience can drive customer retention and growth. The Customer Experience (CX) Product team supports all those customers by providing technology-driven service platforms for both customers and customer support agents.

With a growing number of new B2B partners in addition to the Hopper’s own app and website, the CX Product team ensures customers across all its platforms continue to have 24/7 access to great customer support as they scale. This is possible by building and improving upon self-serve features so customers can quickly and easily manage their trips directly in the app or on the website, and tools that reduce time and streamline effort for customer support agents to serve them.

Additionally, we believe customer service interactions lead to better understanding of customer needs in order to provide guidance on the products and improve the overall travel experience while also driving additional revenue for the business. The CX Product team is creating new ways to help customers plan and book their entire travel journey with Hopper.

We are looking for a Senior Product Manager on the CX Product team to lead the ever-evolving service platform and growing number of partners as well as come up with new initiatives and build products through customer experience that will help customers book more travel.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 4+ years of proven success in a product management role, developing and owning new products end-to-end
  • Track record of building and launching innovative customer-facing features that drive growth or revenue, reduce customer pain points and improve retention
  • Strong creative skills that go beyond iterative or obvious improvements to test an experimental product features
  • Material experience using a data-driven approach to product development, using MVP and A/B testing techniques, querying and leveraging customer data to affect product outcomes
  • Strong communication skills to navigate a fast-growing organization across multiple time zones and geographies
  • Technical depth that allows you to communicate with, understand, and earn the respect of world-class engineers


  • Manage the service product roadmap to improve upon the service platform to allow Hopper to reduce time and effort to serve and build new features that enable
  • Work with business, engineering and operational leaders across the organization to prioritize and implement products and features under timelines to ensure existing and new customers can be serviced and stakeholders are satisfied
  • Introduce net new ideas and bring it to fruition, from experimentation to collecting data and analytics to validate the ideas
  • Effectively communicate and share ideas and vision to bring teammates and stakeholders onboard
  • Understand complex technical issues, discern impact, and be able to explain the situation to maximize clarity and drive resolution
  • Use excellent judgment to make trade-offs when scoping and specifying solutions, ensuring that everything we build adds value to customers and is extensible

More About Hopper

At Hopper, we are on a mission to become the leading travel platform globally – powering Hopper’s mobile app, website and our B2B business, HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions). By leveraging massive amounts of data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper combines its world-class travel agency offering with proprietary fintech products to bring transparency, flexibility and savings to travelers globally. We have developed several unique fintech solutions that address everything from pricing volatility to trip disruptions – helping people travel better and save more on their trips.

The Hopper platform serves hundreds of millions of travelers globally and continues to capture market share around the world. Ranked the third largest online travel agency in North America, the Hopper app has been downloaded over 120 million times and has become largely popular among younger travelers – with 70% of its users being Gen Z and millennials.

While everyone knows us as the Gen Z and Millennial travel app, Hopper has evolved to become much more than that. In recent years, we’ve grown into a global travel agency and travel fintech provider that powers some of the world’s largest brands.

Through HTS, our B2B division, the company supercharges its partners’ direct channels by integrating our fintech products on their sites or powering end-to-end travel portals. Today, our partners include leading travel brands like Capital One, Nubank, Air Canada and many more.

Here are just a few stats that demonstrate the company’s recent growth:

Hopper sells billion worth of travel and travel fintech every year. In 2023, over 1.3 billion trips were planned through the Hopper app and our HTS partnerships.

Our fintech products – including Price Freeze, Flexibility for Any Reason and Flight Disruption Assistance – have exceptionally strong CSAT because the terms are always clear, and customers receive instant, no-questions-asked resolutions.

Almost 30% of our app customers purchase at least one fintech product when making a booking; and consumers are 1.6x more likely to repurchase if they add fintech to their booking vs if they booked just travel.

Given the success of its fintech products, Hopper launched a B2B initiative, HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions), which represents more than 50% of the business.

Through HTS, any travel provider (airlines, hotels, banks, travel agencies, etc.) can integrate and seamlessly distribute Hopper’s fintech or travel inventory on their direct channels. As its first HTS partnership, the company partnered with Capital One to co-develop Capital One Travel, a new travel portal designed specifically for cardholders. Other HTS partners include Air Canada, Uber, CommBank, Nubank, Flair Airlines with many more in the pipeline.

Featured in Apple’s Best of the App Store list of Essential Travel Apps in 2023 and recognized by the likes of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Hopper has been downloaded over 120 million times and continues to have millions of new installs each month. Hopper is now the #3 largest online travel agency in North America and 70% of our app customers are Gen-Z and millennials travelers.

Hopper has raised over $750 million USD of private capital and is backed by some of the largest institutional investors and banks in the world. Hopper is primed to continue its acceleration as the world’s fastest-growing mobile-first travel marketplace.

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