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Top Skills: Negotiation Writing and presentation Product roadmap Feature prioritization Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Relationship building Metrics definition Listening
Suggested skill score: 400

Skills Breakdown

BiosimAI accelerates drug discovery by developing unprecedented predictive models of biological systems, based on combining AI and physics simulations. We pioneered many powerful algorithms, which enable finding novel drugs against challenging and even currently “undruggable” targets. The team of outstanding scientists and engineers is led by Dr. Garegin Papoian, who has introduced many world-leading algorithms, including in protein folding and 3D modeling of cells. BiosimAI works in strategic partnership with Deep Origin, a visionary venture sculpting the future of life science, led by Michael Antonov, a co-founder of Oculus, and funded by Formic Ventures. BiosimAI and Deep Origin are poised to accelerate science and extend healthspan.
We are looking for a Product Manager to own the user experience for our suite of simulations software products.
This position is open worldwide as a remote employee, although we prefer candidates in Eastern US or Europe.
Extensive experience in drug discovery. Understanding of users/researchers and their perspectives in the drug discovery world, their motivations, needs, buying behaviors, purchasing patterns, etcA vision for how to address customer needsA good eye for an awesome UI/UXAbility to develop a product visionAbility to communicate with customers to understand their needs, collect feedback, and establish a product market fitAbility to work with a global software development team to implement the UI/UX. This includes directing the team through meetings, documentation, user stories, vision sharing, JAD sessions, translation of of customer needs, etcAttend conferences, events, webinars, and demos to learn more about customers needs, validate our hypothesis, present our product and be ahead of industry developmentsAdvanced knowledge of the subject matter. PhD is preferred but not required.

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