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Top Skills: Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Feature prioritization API integration Wireframes and mocks Digital marketing Relationship building
Suggested skill score: 290

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About Enersponse, LLC
Enersponse provides a simple and convenient approach to energy conservation programs that effortlessly deliver ongoing savings for our clients in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Ultimately, we pay our customers to save energy.
We partner with utilities, electricity suppliers as well as building and energy management system providers to achieve the overall goal of decarbonizing energy bringing stability to the grid.
Our Mission
To make energy conservation programs more accessible by intelligently automating Distributed Energy Resources, providing flexibility, convenience, and risk-free opportunities for energy consumers to reduce electricity costs, support grid sustainability and decarbonization.
Our Values
• Entrepreneurial – We are continuously looking for ways to improve from our successes and failures – never settling for anything short of great.
• Passion – We empower our teammates by encouraging their personal interests and drive to make our shared vision for less expensive, more reliable, and more sustainable energy a reality.
• Inclusion & Diversity – We welcome diverse backgrounds, expertise and thinking, and it makes us better.
• Collaboration – We unite valuable, resourceful voices from our team and customers to build and deliver powerful, insightful solutions.
Position Description
Department: Product
Accountable To: VP of Product
Enersponse is looking for a Product Manager, who is able to represent the stakeholders who are not in the room!
• Fantastic communicator. You know how to articulate your reasons for or against critical decisions and are capable of disagreeing and committing. You equally enjoy giving feedback and receiving advice for both soft and hard skills.• Self-starter. You’re able to handle ambiguity, anticipate problems, and don’t need to be handed the whole picture to get started and are able to find the person or process to get to an outcome.• Pragmatic. You understand that most decisions aren’t binary and require an understanding of the trade-offs. Similarly, you do your best to try to see things from other people’s point of view.
Compensation: Full-time salary. Responsibilities:
Discover and Define:? Understand customer needs in-depth.? Collaborate with design and technology teams to ideate innovative product concepts.? Prioritize ideas with the highest potential impact.? Engage in rapid prototyping and testing to validate product hypotheses.
Market & Competitive Analysis:? Monitor industry trends.? Analyze competitive products to ensure our offerings are state-of-the-art and customer focused.
Stakeholder Collaboration:? Partner with cross-functional teams to align with the company’s vision.? Communicate product strategy and roadmap to a wide range of internal and external audiences.
End-to-End Product Management:? Lead product launches from inception to release.? Monitor performance metrics post-launch.? Ensure products remain relevant and effective throughout their lifecycle.? Champion the product vision and inspire team members.
Required Education & Experience
Product Passion:? Demonstrated interest in climate and energy markets.? Proven history of bringing products from concept to market.
Industry Acumen:? 4+ years of product management experience.? Knowledge of USA electricity markets like CAISO, PJM, ERCOT, etc., is a bonus.
Technical Fluency:? Experience with both software and hardware development integration.? Familiarity with requirement gathering, software architecture, testing, and V&V processes.? Proficiency with distributed cloud computing systems, especially Amazon Web Services.
Relationship Building:
? Cultivate strong, trust-based relationships across different stakeholders.
Location: Southern California, Remote

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