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Top skills: Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Feature prioritization
Suggested skill score: 290

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About West Egg

West Egg Real Estate is a non-traditional private equity real estate firm founded by ex-Google and ex-Amazon engineers. At West Egg Real Estate, we bring modern technology, startup mentality, and first principles thinking to one of the oldest industries in the world – commercial real estate. We are a lean team, striving to reignite creativity in a creatively bankrupt industry, by constantly questioning how old problems can be approached in new ways.

The current CRE ecosystem is not set up to maximize property value, nor encourage creativity. Critical roles, such as marketing, sales, product, and property management are commonly outsourced. At West Egg Real Estate, we bring these critical roles in house so that innovation can thrive.

About the Role

Tenants are the lifeblood of commercial real estate, yet the Product Manager role does not exist in the industry. Until now.

As the Product Manager, you will obsess over our tenants and find ways to improve the tenant experience. Additionally, you will be responsible for the design and operations of our buildings. You will make our property management systems more scalable, reliable and efficient.

This role requires a combination of skills that is not found elsewhere in the industry. Aside from taking full responsibility for traditional property & tenant management duties, you will also use your deep understanding of technology, human nature, and incentives to innovate on behalf of tenants and build scalable property management systems across our portfolio.

As the Product Manager, you’ll join as our critical 3rd employee. Initially, in order to meet the high standards required for this role, travel will be expected on an as-needed basis. In the long term, as you develop proper systems to allow effective remote management, we expect this role to become mostly remote.

From day one, you’ll roll your sleeves up and be instrumental in:

  • Rent Collection: This responsibility is of paramount importance to our operations and we need someone who can ensure that rent is collected efficiently without fail.
  • Expense Optimization: Continuously seeking ways to reduce building expenses through effective management, analyzing P&Ls, and strategic vendor negotiations.
  • Property Management: Ensuring properties are well-maintained, tenant satisfaction is high, and operations run smoothly. Identifying potential enhancements to existing properties while remaining cost-efficient.
  • Portfolio Performance: Taking a data-driven approach to define and own business metrics and KPIs for individual properties as well as the portfolio. Defining what operational success looks like, ensuring we have the data in place to measure progress, and doing what is required to hit our targets.

To help us grow, you will focus on:

  • Tenant Relations: Developing a tenant-centric approach by gathering and prioritizing tenant feedback, conducting user research, and making data-driven decisions to solve real problems for tenants across the country. Onboarding new tenants, maintaining strong relationships, and ensuring needs are met while balancing the firm’s priorities.
  • Product Improvement: Partnering with our Leasing and Construction teams to launch features that solve customer problems and improve the tenant experience. Using customer data and insights to develop a deep intuition for what is important to our tenants—and using that to drive our roadmap and help shape overall product strategy. Creating PRDs and mockups to communicate product improvements and define the tenant experience.
  • Scale Management: On day one, managing 60 tenants across 10 buildings. Over the next few years, managing 300+ tenants across 30+ buildings. Designing, building, and operating systems that allow property management to scale efficiently instead of hiring additional property managers. Researching and understanding the capabilities and limitations of proptech and its impact on the tenant experience.

You’re the ideal candidate if you possess:

  • A deep respect for the working class and a desire to see small businesses succeed.
  • Ability to build rapport and respect with tenants over many small interactions.
  • Extreme resourcefulness and ability to navigate complex issues independently.
  • An affinity for technology and the discernment to know when and what technology is optimal to solve problems systematically and at scale.
  • A track record of entering large, complicated domains and becoming the content expert upon whom others rely.
  • An inclination to look under the hood of any system, an obsessive focus on customer feedback and pain points, a high attention to detail, and a passion to build.
  • Fundamental skills in product management, including planning, coordinating, and tracking the development of our properties.
  • Ability to close lease renewals, expansions, and referrals with existing tenants.
  • An accurate prediction model of other human beings and the wisdom to choose between compassion and discipline in order to balance the tenant’s needs with business priorities.
  • Creativity to develop low-cost, rapid experiments to test key assumptions.
  • An ability to prioritize and scope product requests balancing long term vision and short-term pain points.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, dynamic environment where you will wear many hats.
  • Willingness to travel per business requirements.

Bonus points if you have:

  • Prior experience in property or real estate management.
  • Prior experience in closing deals (eg. sales).
  • Prior experience at an early startup.

How to Apply

Please apply by sending an email to [email protected] along with the following:

  • OCEAN personality test results from (attached as a PDF).
  • Your resume detailing relevant experience and skills (attached as a PDF).
  • Your answers to the custom pre-screening questions (attached as a PDF).
  • A brief cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit for this role, company, and culture (attached as PDF). Generic submissions that fail to mention anything specific about West Egg will not be considered.

Only applications that follow the instructions above will be considered.


We offer a competitive compensation package, including salary, benefits, along with the opportunity to grow with a forward-thinking real estate organization.

Application Question(s):

  • What part(s) of the personality test were you the least honest with yourself on?
  • What work was most energizing in your last role? What work was most de-energizing?
  • What does customer obsession mean to you? What does it look like?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to influence someone outside of your company to do something that they really did not want to do. What did you do and why? What was the result?
  • Tell me about the last system, process, or technology that you built inside or outside of work. What was the goal? Walk me through your design approach, tradeoff decisions, and implementation strategy.
  • Have you ever been in a sales/closing role before? What product or service did you sell?
  • What does respect mean to you? Who do you respect and who respects you?

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