Product Manager Portfolio

How Prowess Works for Employers

Our Mission: Help you hire diverse talent based on skills

enterprise pm

1. Create profile

Set hiring goals and get discovered by professionals

generalist pm

2. Post Jobs

Use our role archetypes to add jobs with target skills

review tab

3. Get matched with talent

Review candidates’ skills and assign our curated projects


4. Shortlist based on skills

View skills portfolio to interview based on merit


5. Interview and offer

Hire candidates that fit your culture and business needs

generalist pm

1. Personalize talent search

A. Set Hiring Goals

B. Post jobs with skill profiles


2. Get matched with talent

A. Only receive qualified candidates

B. Review skill profiles to assess company fit


3. Shortlist, Interview and offer

A. Manage talent from dashboard

B. Screen prospects with curated projects

C. Connect and hire top talent