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Himanshu and I have worked together for more than 4 years on a variety of projects at Coursera, and I have seen him grow and develop into a seasoned product and business professional. Himanshu was instrumental in building the degrees business at Coursera. His strategic thinking, ability to connect with people and sheer will power to build a new business enabled us to go from just 2 degree programs to more than 15 degree programs in just 2 years. For professionals working in the slow-moving higher education industry this is incredibly fast. Himanshu and I worked together with our university partners to designing learning products for user around the world and was always impressed by his empathy for all the stakeholders – be it learner, instructor, and administrators. He would conduct user research studies, dive into market trends and job reports to really understand which learning product at what price and in which language would create the most impact for more than 70M learners around the world on Coursera. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors and look forward to an opportunity to work together again.

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