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Hire expert-vetted product managers

Go beyond antiquated resumes to recruit professionals based on skills, drive and potential

overview of the professional's portfolio for employers

How does it work?

1. Post Jobs with skill profiles

Use our role archetypes to add jobs with target skills

2. Get matched with Qualified candidates

Receive recommendations when candidates meet your job's skill level

3. Use Portfolios to shortlist candidates

View skills breakdown and projects to interview based on merit

3. interview and offer

Hire candidates that fit your culture and business needs


Set job requirements with role archetypes
  • With one click set target skill level
  • Only receive qualified candidates
Get matched with qualified candidates
  • View candidates that match your job’s skill profile
  • Dive deeper into candidate’s skills portfolio

Skill-Based Candidate Matching

Ashley T.

Associate PM


Dave M.

Associate PM


Lauren J.

Senior PM


Rob M.

Senior PM


Margot S.

Group PM

Shortlist based on grit and skills
  • View skill progression to measure grit
  • Use skills breakdown to evaluate skill fit

Candidate Skill Progression

Manage applicant lifecycle with ease
  • View candidate funnel and application status
  • Manage jobs, applications, and assignments in one place 

Employer Dashboard

Employer dashboard

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