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Making roads safe through data and analytics.

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Founding Year: 2013

Mobility and transportation are constantly evolving. Almost 1.3 million people die and 2.3 people get injured in road crashes every year. Traffic crashes have been an ongoing epidemic and despite advancements in technology, supportive regulatory changes, and improvements in road infrastructures, the number of traffic fatalities is still increasing.

Founded 9 years ago, Zendrive is a mobility risk intelligence provider with a mission to make roads safer using data and analytics. Our patent-protected AI and machine learning algorithms turn raw smartphone sensor data into meaningful insights such as speeding, hard barking, phone usage, and even collision events. Over the past nine years, we have amassed one of the largest smartphone-centric databases of over 200 billion miles of data from over 100 million users across the globe.

Our research shows that the most effective way to make roads safer and to save precious lives is to ensure improvements in driving behavior through behavioral coaching and incentives and provide timely support in the moments of truth. Right now, the most obvious and direct mechanism for behavioral improvements through incentives is by giving drivers the opportunity to earn discounts on their auto insurance based on their driving behavior.

At Zendrive, we believe that your risk as a driver is better demonstrated by how you drive than by where you live and other demographic factors such as age or gender. Saving money is a powerful motivator and if Zendrive can, through engaging behavior-based driver coaching experiences, help drivers save money on car insurance then we can also take measured steps toward our mission of making roads safer using data and analytics.

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