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Wondr Health™ is the leading digital behavioral change program that treats the root cause of obesity and chronic disease

Company Size:  101 – 500

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 1977

Wondr Health™ is a digital behavioral change program focused on weight management that helps participants improve their physical and mental wellbeing through simple, interactive, and clinically-proven skills and tools. By treating the root cause of obesity through behavioral science, Wondr reduces risk factors to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, helps enhance employee productivity and engagement, decreases claims costs, and improves overall wellbeing.

Wondr Health’s team of renowned doctors and scientists teaches practical, data-backed skills that empower participants to stress less, sleep better, and feel better. The highly personalized program has helped hundreds of thousands of people by teaching employees the science of eating the foods they love so they can still lose weight—regardless of their food preferences, background, or lifestyle, Wondr works for everyone.

We’ve been in the benefits space for 15+ years and our clients include many Fortune 500 companies. We currently partner with over 800+ employers, brokers, health plans, and TPAs nationwide. We’ve cracked the code on the science behind improving the health of organizations—with the easiest implementation ever, third-party validated ROI, and clinical results you can count on—Wondr’s a benefit that actually benefits.

We’re the ultimate “and” program—we don’t replace your diabetes management or sleep solution. Wondr can work alongside existing benefits as a standalone to enhance the impact of your other point solutions. Through the app, online community, certified coaches, and series of weekly videos that offer a new perspective on better health, participants enter a world where weight loss is a science, small steps lead to big changes, possibilities are infinite, and good habits last. Learn more at www.wondrhealth.com.

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