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The interoperability standard for resilient communications When Nothing Else Works™

Company Size:  101 - 500

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Founding Year: 2000

TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. launched in 2000 with an innovative culture striving to push technological boundaries in the area of wireless communications. We are now a global leader in highly advanced algorithms, waveforms, and communications systems that range from small form factor radio products to fully integrated solutions. We are the interoperability standard for resilient communications When Nothing Else Works™.

TrellisWare’s technology is a critical component of modern tactical networks. Our TSM™ waveform is incorporated into a wide range of systems, including TrellisWare radios, trusted industry partner radios, and multiple government and commercial solutions. Our highly adaptable network facilitates secure mission critical voice and data delivery in the most severe conditions. The result is an exceptionally robust, flat network that provides unprecedented scalability and supports hundreds of nodes, using less spectrum than any other Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) technology.

In true collaboration, we are working with an ever-growing community of integrators, end-users, and government stakeholders to develop the newest technological solutions enabled by TrellisWare technology. We call this the Trellis//Sphere™.

Come join us in the Trellis//Sphere™ and see what we can accomplish together.

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