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Bringing transparency and insight into your mobile marketing.

Company Size:  31 – 100

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 2014

Tenjin is a comprehensive growth infrastructure for mobile app marketers. Our platform consolidates and normalizes user-level marketing data from more than 300 industry-leading ad networks and acquisition sources. By unifying spend, revenue, and performance data into a single centralized environment, Tenjin saves marketers time and resources while providing a rigorously maintained foundation for building unprecedentedly powerful business intelligence solutions. Based in San Francisco, Tenjin is a Y Combinator company trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and indie developers alike, including Voodoo, RetailMeNot, Gungho, NCSOFT, Huuuge and more. For more information, visit www.tenjin.com.

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