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Guaranteed Better Job Advertising Results! Guided by Data & Optimized by AI.

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Founding Year: 2015

Welcome to Talentify.io – Redefining Talent Acquisition in the Artificial Intelligence Age.

Discover the next-gen approach to talent acquisition! We’re not just another platform but the first Results-as-a-Service talent acquisition and recruitment marketing company. Harnessing the power of data-driven analytics, AI precision, and industry expertise, Talentify empowers businesses to reach top candidates through diverse platforms such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads. And the best part? Absolute control and transparency over your recruitment outcomes.

Our Promise: Deliver exceptional candidates every time. How? Our unique blend of AI-enhanced job advertising and candidate engagement automation ensures that. Our stats are hard to beat – On Active Candidate Channels: 180% more applicants at 40% less cost on job boards. On Passive Candidate Channels: an astounding 85% reduction in social media costs and the ability to tap into a 6000% larger talent pool than all job boards combined.

Why Talentify? Born in 2015, we reimagined digital recruitment with game-changing talent acquisition automation solutions. The spark didn’t stop there. By 2017, we pioneered a fusion of Digital Media, Advertising, and Recruiting, setting new benchmarks in the industry by being the first to automate the Apply-to-Offer process fully. Today, we’re trailblazing with our unique AI-Enhanced Talent Acquisition tech, going miles ahead of basic AI applications.

Eager to transform your recruitment strategy? Chat with our experts and witness the Talentify difference. ?

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