Premium Guard Inc. (PGI)

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PGI delivers quality, reliability, and value customers expect. We pride ourselves on offering first-to-market coverage.

Company Size:  31 – 100

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Founding Year: 1996

Since 1996, Premium Guard Inc (PGI) has been focused on designing, manufacturing and distributing products for automotive, diesel, power-sports and specialty filter markets. Our business model offers efficiency and quality that has facilitated tremendous growth for our customers and our business. In the last two decades, PGI has been involved in the manufacturing evolution of the automotive aftermarket in Southeast Asia. PGI is ranked as a pioneer in establishing partnerships and alliances with leading manufacturers in Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

When it comes to the aftermarket, PGI places the most emphasis on quality, fit, form, and function to meet or exceed specifications set by the original equipment manufacturers.

PGI offers complete private labels programs to retailors, buying groups as well as independent WD’s. We offer a full service, starting with product reverse engineering, package design, contact manufacturing, quality control, logistics, distribution electronic data and marketing support. Our programs tailored to the customer’s needs in terms of performance, coverage, distribution and pricing.

Our hybrid platform, Direct Import (DI) channel with domestic backup supply, allows us to offer quality product with maximum savings, while keeping inventory levels within target warehouse distributors, retailers, and buying groups.

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