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Virtual reality simulations for emotional intelligence.

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Founding Year: 2015

Mursion is the virtual reality environment where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in high-stakes professions. Used by a wide range of innovative organizations in healthcare, education, hospitality, finance, and other corporate sectors, Mursion delivers customized virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges that professionals confront on the job every day.

Mursion’s virtual reality platform:

– Uses a combination of artificial intelligence and live actors to deliver powerful and personalized simulations.
– Provides? a wide range of immersive and authentic workplace environments in which to simulate challenging interpersonal on-the-job exchanges.
– Forces learners to take risks from which they can learn how to improve their day-to-day performance.

While the media has focused on virtual reality as a tool for gaming and other forms of entertainment, virtual reality simulations are on the verge of revolutionizing professional training. Simulated virtual reality role plays offer:

– An engaging, efficient, and safe way to learn by doing
– Practical experiences to integrate new skills into daily routines
– A window into the performance abilities of key staff in global organizations
– Easy-to-capture analytics that can inform future training plans

Whether a professional needs to practice a challenging interpersonal skill, or is ready to demonstrate his or her mastery of that skill in an authentic form of performance assessment, Mursion is the platform to simulate real- world human interactions that can make or break careers.

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