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Mobius is an interview prep and networking platform designed to help candidates secure high paying jobs.

Company Size:  31 - 100

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Founding Year: 2023

Built by Recruiters for Job Seekers
Mobius is a staffing, interview prep, and networking platform designed to help candidates secure high paying roles in finance, consulting, and technology. The company partners with full-time employees, licensed recruiters, and employers to help job seekers navigate the oversaturated market. With Mobius, clients get access to proprietary opportunities, an elite network of full-time employees, and a personalized job search experience. Mobius sources job opportunities for its clients and submits applications on their behalf once the clients approve the role. Mobius clients save hundreds of hours on applications and focus their efforts leveraging the platform to prepare for interviews.

Our Process
Optimize your resume in 48 hours for ATS success.
Submit your resume directly to employers and recruiters, accelerating interview opportunities.
Connect you with industry professionals for interview prep and networking directly on the platform

The entire service is executed on our staffing platform where you can see reports of every job submission and recordings of every coaching session.

Our Results
> 90% of clients placed within 6 months
< 3-Month median placement time
Average compensation is over $120,000/year

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