Lemurian Labs

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Making AI affordable and accessible for all

Company Size:  31 - 100

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Founding Year: 2018

At Lemurian Labs our focus is on unleashing the capabilities of AI for the benefit of humanity. To fulfil this purpose we are developing a general purpose AI accelerator that is capable of orders of magnitude better performance and efficiency than legacy processors, while being designed for scalability.

There are massive shifts underway moving us from Software 1.0 to Software 2.0 to Software 3.0 and onwards, but to realize its true benefits we need fundamentally new hardware and systems that can keep up with the changing compute demands and simultaneously bringing down costs.

We are developing the SPU (Spatial Processing Unit), an affordable AI processor uniquely designed from first principles to deliver unprecedented realizable performance/watt and enable the next generation of AI workloads.

Our diverse team of technologists have decades of experience at the frontiers of high performance computing, digital arithmetic, cryptography, artificial intelligence, robotics, and networking.

There is a lot of talk about what the technology of tomorrow will look like and there are a number of companies developing it. At Lemurian, we believe tomorrow is so yesterday. We are developing the technology for the day after tomorrow.

We are Lemurian Labs. Welcome to the future of artificial intelligence and computing.

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