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20% of fortune 500 fintech trust Kunai for engineering talent.

Company Size:  101 - 500

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Founding Year: 2001

Kunai Co. is a team of developers, designers, and product managers building seamless customer experiences that unite digital products with FinTech. Kunai concepts, designs, and develops unique digital products and payment experiences for the world’s top companies.

Starting in 1999, Kunai helped Cisco Systems prepare for Y2K, and then in 2006, built the world’s first touchscreen PC. Later, Kunai designed and developed some of the world’s first successful iOS apps.

With Capital One’s acquisition in 2015, we focused on fintech and how to build on a massive scale, so a portion of our team rebranded as Kunai and continued to refine our approach to product development. Over 20 years, Kunai shipped over 150 digital products that are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and unicorn startups alike.

Kunai’s founders, being former bank executives, started the company with the insights of years-long struggles to hire developer talent. As a result, only the top 3% of developers worldwide make it onto a Kunai team.

What we do:

Technical Staffing:

The Kunai Direct Sourcing Platform helps companies to find, vet, interview, and onboard the world’s best developers. Kunai works on a range of technologies and platforms and has deep experience in fintech and leverages industry-leading APIs and practices.

Digital product development for fintech:

Kunai understands the unique needs of financial services companies. We’re a digital product development consultancy focused on fintech. Kunai handles product management, design, development, cloud management, and much more to build your next new idea into a prototype faster.

We build long-term relationships with our clients. Our portfolio includes all four major payment networks, four top ten US banks, seven Fortune 500 technology companies, and ten unicorn startups.

If you have an idea and need a team that can make it a reality, we should talk.

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