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HyperTunnel® enables multi-dimensional collaboration between frontline workers and experts on demand – from remote physical worksites to centralized immersive digital twins.

Our solution enables a technician in the field to collaborate – synchronously and asynchronously – with a remote supervisor or expert inside a shared immersive digital twin, as if they were working next to each other, side-by-side.

We 3D scan a remote worksite and create an immersive digital twin. We use Computer Vision to recognize and match specific objects at the worksite, and augment the XR shared space with corresponding interactive 3D models. These interactive models are used by the experts, immersed in the VR digital twin, to guide and demonstrate how to perform tasks at the worksite.

We also leverage the digital twins as immersive VR simulators, use the generated data to train Machine Learning, and deploy AI that recognizes the actions of the frontline workers, and alerts them when they deviate from a prescribed procedure.

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