Hoffmaster Group, Inc.

Company details

Serving premium tabletop disposables to restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities & retailers for at-home celebrations

Company Size:  1,001 - 5,000

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 1947

Hoffmaster was founded over 70 years ago. Today, as Hoffmaster Group, Inc.®, we compete in two distinct business segments – Foodservice, Consumer. You’ll find our products in thousands of retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more.

As a customer centric company, we strive to deliver innovative solutions to both our customers and the ultimate end users of our products. Innovation is a key part of what we do here at Hoffmaster. Whether it’s designing a paper plate that is stronger than the competition’s at our Consumer division, launching a “first of its kind” napkin like FashnPoint® at our Foodservice division or working to invent state-of-the-art solutions at GMSP, we know that a key part of our future is continuing to reinvent our products and our company. The investment will continue to drive our organic growth.

Hoffmaster has also successfully acquired and integrated a number of new businesses. Our ability to identify businesses that fit our strategic profile, integrate them into what we do, while maintaining what it is that made them great, is another core competency.

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