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Affordable healthcare for everyone.

Company Size:  501 - 1,000

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Founding Year: 2011

We believe everyone deserves affordable and convenient healthcare.

Our mission is to build better ways for people to find the right care at the best price. Our technology gives all Americans — regardless of income or insurance status — the knowledge, choice, and care they need to stay healthy.

GoodRx supports all Americans with their healthcare challenges.
Since 2011, we’ve helped Americans save over $35 billion on prescriptions via savings cards, our website, and the GoodRx app, which is one of the most downloaded medical apps on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

We’re a customer-first company.
That means making sure all our products and features are built around you. This approach guides how we operate, make decisions across our businesses, and work on new ideas for our customers.

In 2021, an estimated 46 million U.S. adults were not able to afford needed care. We’re working to narrow this access gap. We have saved Americans over $30 billion on their medications.

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