Glidewell Dental

Glidewell Dental

Company details

Glidewell is an industry-leading provider of high-quality dental lab products & services nationwide.

Company Size:  1,001 – 5,000

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 1970

Glidewell Dental’s mission is to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry. Glidewell Dental offers dental products and services in partnership with dentists, dental laboratories and manufacturers to promote and restore clinical health. One of the largest dental labs in the world and a medical device manufacturer, the company operates from four locations worldwide.

Glidewell Dental is a dental industry leader thanks to its innovative dental technology, resourceful R&D department, and dedication to providing free clinical and technical education to promote dental industry growth. As new advancements continue to redefine dental technology, Glidewell Dental remains dedicated to improved CAD/CAM processes and development. The lab has made great strides in case-to-case consistency using this technology, which allows digital impressions to be sent electronically, reducing costs and improving turnaround time.

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