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We help creative businesses make better decisions, simplify operations, & remove barriers impacting creative projects.

Company Size:  101 - 500

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Founding Year: 1993

Extensis Connect ensures teams of all sizes can find, manage, and utilize the fonts and other creative assets they need to collaborate and deliver final projects quickly and accurately. Connect adds a layer of security and reporting to creative operations through permission controls; font license management; single sign-on; font usage, license compliance, and team utilization & activity reports; and support.

Built on the reliable foundations of industry-leading font managers Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server, Connect is the cornerstone of an evolving Creative Intelligence Suite that integrates with the Adobe Creative Cloud and other popular design applications. Connect simplifies and secures the management of fonts, font licenses, and the creative assets teams count on every day to deliver projects to stakeholders as promised, with fewer surprises, and profit margins intact.

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