Cynch AI

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Combining reasoning, machine learning, and generative AI to change the way people make financial decisions.

Company Size:  31 – 100

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Founding Year: 2022

Most financial decisions are made without expertise, analysis, or data. Meanwhile, the most successful people and companies have access to expensive consultants with deep financial expertise. Our vision is to level the playing field. We’re combining reasoning, machine learning, and generative AI to capture financial expertise and make it available to everyone. We’re initially focused on small businesses, helping them to achieve better outcomes for their owners, their employees, and their communities.

How do you combine reasoning, machine learning, and generative AI? For us, this is the most interesting and challenging problem in AI today. Accounting is a “goldilocks” domain for tackling these problems — it’s sufficiently constrained to be tractable but sufficiently complex to require something new. Accountants will tell you that accounting is all about rules, judgement, and understanding your client — reasoning, learning, and generative AI.

We are a seasoned team that is excited to take on a big technical challenge with a big impact. We care about the ethical implications of our work and are excited to work with others that do too.

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