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Democratizing financial wellness using AI. Giving you the financial answers you need anywhere, anytime, for free

Company Size:  1 – 15

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 2017

Only 24% of Americans are considered financially literate and an estimated 60% of Americans want a financial plan but can’t afford it.

Clerkie is an AI Financial Planner for the 123M underserved Americans looking for answers. After spending years helping struggling middle-class families, it became clear that users needed more help with their debt and their finances. They needed answers.

Clerkie uses conversational AI to build in-depth financial knowledge graphs that provide personalized answers and actionable plans for everyday Americans trying to achieve their financial goals.

Our mission is to democratize financial health and provide all individuals with an actionable path to financial security.

Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to be considered for current or future opportunities to join our team.

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