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AI That's Yours.

Company Size:  31 – 100

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Founding Year: 2020

AI That’s Yours.

? Chalice’s AI software reprograms your ad buys to deliver real-world outcomes,
custom to your business.?

Chalice’s configurable software brings your data and analytics together and puts them to work in the real-time decisioning of your ad buys. Our software plugs into your DSP, deploying custom algorithms built for your brand.

? Your Choice of Outcomes
Select whatever outcomes matter to your business. Customer value, brand lift, incremental sales, profitability – you name it, the software can build it.

? Your Data and Measurement
You selected the data and measurement partners best for your Brand. Maximize value by elevating them in your ad-buying decisions.

? Your Data Science
Your data science team can be hands-on with Chalice. If you prefer, Chalice data scientists will operate the tech. The AI remains yours.

? Your Competitive Advantage
When everyone uses the same technology, no one wins. Break ahead of the pack with powerful machine-learning models built just for your goals.

? Your Buying Platform
You don’t need another DSP. So we didn’t build one. We built the most powerful technology to control your DSP automatically.

? Your Productivity Gains
Your team will be more productive, with higher job satisfaction. Machine learning automates the grunt work and helps you do more with less.

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