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Unlock lending innovation. Build on Canopy.

Company Size:  31 - 100

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Founding Year: 2019

Canopy’s loan management and servicing platform enables small fintechs and large enterprises to embed financial products, go to market quickly, and service borrowers in a secure and compliant way. We offer the most flexible infrastructure to build and launch next-gen credit, debit, and lending products.

Our API-first platform allows lenders to innovate and personalize in ways that maximize their growth and meet their customers’ needs with the fastest time to market. Our event-driven lending core is incredibly flexible with the different types of loans and policies it can support.

Built for speed, scale, and high configurability, Canopy is the Loan Management System of choice for lenders that are breaking the mold and delivering customer-centric experiences in both the commercial and consumer space. We are redefining loan management.

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