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Innovations in Pet Care for better way of life! Driving closer bond in between pets and human companions

Company Size:  31 – 100

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Founding Year: 1992

Founded in 1992, Caitec Corporation has been leading the way in pet product innovation by offering pet owners a wide range of high-quality, affordable pet products. Additionally, Caitec has been delivering OEM and proprietary consumer products and services from China since 1992. We thrive largely because of our mind set of keeping our customer’s globally competitive. We figure if we do our job well, our customers will be able to outperform the competition in product design, value, and delivery service.
Our number one priority is customer service and leaving our customers completely satisfied. We are happy to have upheld this standard since our doors have opened. Caitec is proud to be creating innovations in pet care for a better way of life. .
Fairchild Capitals finished investing in Caitec on 11/06/2020. A new milestone in Caitec history. With the infused growth capital, Caitec has never been in a better position for more organic growth and acquired growth.

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