Anderson Optimization by PVcase

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Smarter siting & energy system modeling software for renewables and storage

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Anderson Optimization by PV Case provides clients with power system analysis, renewable energy valuation, and capacity expansion modeling.

Leverage cutting-edge technology, including Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) and the Cloud, to build optimization models used to operate day-ahead and real-time markets, value power system assets, and plan for the future in an uncertain economy.

Services include:

? Valuation of power generating assets including natural gas plants, wind turbines and coal plants
? Optimization modeling and programming for planning, forecasting and usage of power related assets
? Performing large-scale, root-cause analysis on power system problems
? Building unique, custom models to solve pressing issues
? Integrating optimization solvers with existing process flows
? Market Modeling for long-term planning and capital investment decisions
? Providing direction to in-house modeling and optimization teams

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